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Make a plan for your promotions and pick the booth size & add ons that are right for you.
Select your marketing and sales programs that will increase your marketing reach and to promote your brand at the show!
Check supplies and order gift certs, flyers, giveaways, signs and raffle forms, etc…
Invite friends & clients, share on Social Media, sell & relax!
Branding Your Business

Increase your brand recognition and reach thousands of potential customers directly by choosing the right booth package for your business!

Why Lifestyle Marketing?

Approach your customers with a “want” for a better life instead of just a need. A lifestyle approach to marketing is the “fulfillment” of their needs to achieve the type of life they want to live. A projection of how they see the best version of their lives includes the need to obtain the products and services to make it happen. Shows that focus on goal-oriented happiness makes buying decisions more than a trip to the cash register, but a move forward to achieving their dreams for a happy life- self-designed and self-fulfilled.

Associate Your Brand with a Good Cause

Stubborn Girl Fund 4 Arts & Education is producing it’s second educational film in accordance with its mission to entertain through artistic mediums. Our first film on Domestic Violence will be followed by the film “My name is…”, a film about surviving sexual abuse or assault trauma. This film will be shot in Spokane using local talent and will be accompanied by a guide to help further healing by viewers and those they love and desire to help.

Radio Ads
SM Ads

Click on the different booth types to see what promotions are included!

Large Corner Booth includes all promotional perks including biz card ad.
10x10 Premiere
Standard sized booth with all the promo benefits!
8x8 Deluxe
Front Endcap exposure in a smaller booth with tons of promos.
10x10 Standard
The basic booth. Great SM coverage for your brand and add on promo opportunities.
4x10 Standard
A booth size perfect for those with not a a lot of inventory. Great booth display, but not as deep.
4x10 Deluxe
Our great half-booth with end cap location and a promo pkg.

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